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WhatsApp: 7 Secret Features You Should Know


WhatsApp: 7 Secret Features You Should Know:-

Here are some of the features hiding in the app that you should know about.

WhatsApp has grown rapidly and has come a long way, from a small start-up company to one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, with more than 1,500 million active monthly users. The company continues to inject new features and updates to the platform in an attempt to further increase user participation. Some of the key features added this year include the message ‘Delete for all’, WhatsApp status‘ and ‘Share your live location’. While there are several features of WhatsApp that you may have already used or know, these are some of the features hidden in the application that you should know about.

1) Watch YouTube videos on WhatsApp without getting kicked out of the app:

WhatsApp recently added a new feature in its application that allows the user to watch YouTube videos within the application. Users can now play YouTube videos directly within the messaging application, in image-in-picture mode. With this feature, you will not be expelled from WhatsApp and you will be forced to use the YouTube application. All you have to do is touch a YouTube link in a conversation and the video will open in a floating window. Apart from this, this function allows you to navigate through the application without interrupting the video. In addition, the video will continue playing even if you change chats.

2) Send or receive money in WhatsApp:

WhatsApp recently launched the UPI-based payments function in India. The launch comes after a beta test of the new point-to-point payment system, which has tested more than one million WhatsApp users. The benefit of the WhatsApp Payments service based on UPI is that the money is credited directly to the recipient’s bank account. You can access this new feature in a chat window and can be found next to other options such as Video, Gallery, Documents and others in the Attachments menu. After clicking on the Payments option, a disclaimer window will appear in a list of banks. From there, users can select their preferred bank account to connect with UPI. Then, they must create an authentication pin if they have not yet used the UPI payment program. If you do not have a UPI account, you must create it through the UPI application or the website / application of your respective bank. In addition, both the sender and the receiver must have the WhatsApp Payments function to perform successful transactions in the application.

3) Hide blue signals or read messages without the sender knowing:

WhatsApp blue ticks are displayed when a sent message has been read, but you can disable them. Just go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Read receipts. However, by doing so, you will lose the ability to verify when your friends have read your own sent messages. In addition, there is another way to read messages without activating blue ticks when you enable airplane mode before opening the chat window to read the message. Just remember to close the application before switching back to airplane mode.

4) ‘Unravel’ or ‘Delete’ a message:

Recently, WhatsApp introduced a feature that allows users to delete a message accidentally sent to the wrong person within seven minutes after the message is sent. In addition to this, WhatsApp could soon extend the time limit to remove an accidental message to 4,096 seconds, which is approximately 68 minutes. To delete a message on WhatsApp, touch and hold the message box and press the trash can icon on the menu. Then you must touch “Delete for all” to retrieve the message. After touching that option, the message will disappear on your device and on the recipient’s phone.

5) Sharing the location of WhatsApp Live:

The instant messaging service launched this feature, allowing users to share their location in real time. With this great feature, the location is dynamic and updated in real time, even after you leave the WhatsApp app. You can also stop manually sharing location data within a chat at any time.

When you try to share your location in a WhatsApp chat by tapping the attach icon, you will be asked to select the length of time for which your location will be active for others. You can only choose from one of the predefined options: 15 minutes, 1 hour (default) and 8 hours and, optionally, add a comment.

6) How to use Starred messages on WhatsApp:

With this feature, users can mark specific messages so they can be referred to later. To highlight a message, press and hold the message you want to highlight and then touch the Star icon that appears at the top of the screen. In addition, users can access the list of featured messages by clicking on the Menu button.

7) Use WhatsApp on your computer:

Users can also send or receive WhatsApp messages on their PC. The company offers two different ways to use your service on a computer: WhatsApp Web and desktop applications. Notably, the two browser versions of the application will only work if your smartphone stays on and near the computer.

Ref: Deccan chronicle


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