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Philips Announces the Hue Outdoor Range of Smart Lights


Philips Announces the Hue Outdoor Range of Smart Lights

Philips has announced the Hue range of smart lights for outdoor and will bring the lights to the US. UU Sometime this summer, therefore, although they are not yet available for consumers to buy, it will not be too long before consumers have them. opportunity to collect this. The new range of outdoor lighting systems includes the Philips Hue Lily light bulb, the Hue Hue Calla light and several other outdoor lights called Hue Tuar, Hue Turaco, Hue Ludere and Hue Lucca.

Philips announced outdoor range

The Hue Lily and the Hue Calla will be at the upper end of the price table, since the Lily will cost $ 279.99 when it is launched, will come with three points (three lights) and will turn off the white and the colored light. El Calla, on the other hand, will cost $ 129.99 and will only be a light instead of a three-light system, but will also turn off both white and colored lighting, such as Lily, with more than 16 million colors available to choose between the configuration that can be configured from the Hue application installed in your phones, so it will be possible to not only adjust the brightness and turn it on or off remotely, but also configure the environment and the environment with color.

The last four types of light will start at $ 49.99, which makes them the cheapest of the group, and having four different types to choose from will give the consumer some control over how the lights they put around the house look. As mentioned earlier, Philips does not mention an exact release date, but it does indicate that the lights will reach the US. UU In July, so those interested in buying them can at least reduce things per month when they are released. Philips will also launch the new range of Hue outdoor lights in Europe at the same time, with costs of € 299 for the Lily Spot lighting system, € 140 for the Calla route light and € 70 for Lucca, Tuar and Turaco. lights. Philips does not mention which retailers will carry the lights, but most likely it can be taken directly from Philips, and it is likely that places like Amazon will also carry them.


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