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Police do not track the identity of several victims of the Handwara massacre


But the DGP did not Mention in the Report if the Next Relative of the Murdered Civilians was Compensated.

Of the people killed in the Handwara massacre on October 1, 1991, the police have not traced the identity of three victims. The State Human Rights Commission has now asked the police to publish the names of the victims not registered in local newspapers so that their families can introduce themselves and identify themselves.

In a petition presented by the president of the International Forum for Justice and Human Rights, Ahsan Untoo, on the killing of 22 civilians in Handwara before the commission in 2013, the Director General of Police (DGP) presented a report to the commission in November of last year that indicates that 14 people were killed in Handwara on October 1, 1990.

But the DGP did not mention in the report if the next relative of the murdered civilians was compensated.
The State Human Rights Commission had ordered the government to present a full report on the compensation paid.
And in its recent report, the police identified 11 people killed in the massacre and their relatives provided ex gratia help, but did not identify the three victims: Ghulam Rasool Sofi S / O Ab Rehman R / O Arampora, Gh Rasool Hajam S / O Karim R / O Handwara and Shahzad Ahmad Pir S / O Gh Din R / O Handwara – who were killed in the massacre.

The commission asked the police to publish the names of the victim in the local newspaper so their families can identify them.
On October 1, 1990, according to the police report, the police personnel, namely Abdul Hamid, Ali Mohammad, Farooq Ahmad, Sonaullah and Mohammad Maqbool were sent to the city of Handwara to perform patrol duties. Meanwhile, fire engulfed the city and some police personnel tried to reach the Handwara police station, but it was cordoned off by 76Bn BSF (Border Security Force) under the command of Ratan Raveen.
“The BSF personnel forcibly entered the police station and threatened the Nafri police to kill them and set fire to the police station,” said the report sent by the CID wing of the J & K police to the SHRC . .
“Sheriff Ali Mohammad, Ghulam Nabi Shapoo (tax collector Handwara), Nazir Ahmad Khan of Chogal, Nazir Ahmad Dar of Braripora, Ghulam Rasool Malik of Khanbal, Ghulam Rasool Sofi of Kupwara, Ghulam Rasool Hajam, Mohammad Hayat Najar, Mohammad Amin Banday , Ghulam Nabi Mir, Mst Azize, Mehraj-ud-din Tantray and Shahzad Ahmed Pir, all Handwara were killed in BSF shots, “says the report.

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