Home HEALTH Health administrators in California advise to be cautious of cellular radiation

Health administrators in California advise to be cautious of cellular radiation


Caution Cellphone Radiation

The California Department of Public Health has released its first guidelines for mobile use and advised people to reduce the risk of radio frequency energy of their phones.

The department cited initial research in which a link between human health and “long-term, high-use” of mobile phones was suggested, but stressed that studies are not yet definitively determined whether mobile radiation is harmful or not.

Director of the Department Dr. Karen Smith said, “Although science is still evolving, there are concerns among some public health professionals and people, which for a long time have the deeper use of energy emitted by mobile phones.” “We know that simple steps, such as keeping your phone out of your pocket and taking it out of your bed at night, can help reduce the risk for both children and adults.”

Mobile phones are ubiquitous in the US, where 95 percent of the population owns one device when the signal emits and receives the device emits radio frequency energy. Although research has not shown whether it is detrimental to health in contact with energy, some studies suggested a synergy between radio radiation and frequent interaction between health problems, in which fewer sperm count, Low memory and hearing, and the risk of cancer has increased…

California shows that mobile phone users of all ages take measures to limit exposure

A professor of UC Berkeley School of Public Health and an expert in the field of Dr. Joel Moskovitz said, “At the moment we are not doing a great job to control radiation from these devices, and we are also doing a terrible job.” CBS radio radiation last week in San Francisco


Moskowitz is partly credited with new guidelines for mobile telephones, he continued to keep information about the potential dangers of mobile usage to the Ministry of Health in 2016 and won the case in March.


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