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Attacks on Rohingyas Muslims Continue, Bangladesh wants to send 100,000 refugees back to Myanmar


Attacks on Rohingyas Continue

Today, the authorities today said that Bangladesh Government wants to return 100,000 Rohingya Myanmar in the first batch of the return of Muslim refugees who fled from ethnic violence this year. Senior Minister Abdullahullah said that list of 100,000 names will be sent to Myanmar officials on Friday, so that the returnees can start January in the agreement between the two governments.

In Myanmar, more than 655,000 Rohannia states had sheltered shelter in Bangladesh at the end of August and the United States and the United Nations have described racial cleansing. The PTI reported that it included more than 300,000 people in Bangkok camps after the previous violence escaped in the Buddhist state.
Both the governments signed a contract in November, allowing the return of the return of the country. Many aid organizations and diplomats doubt that terrible Rohinghya will agree to return.
Rohingya is the target for the first majority in Myanmar’s majority majority, whose group is not recognized as a real nation and has been deprived of citizenship. Qadir said that the return of the country will soon start as the working group of officials of both countries has finalized the list of names.

According to the joint working group’s decision, today the Rohingya first list will be sent to Myanmar government for their safe and honorable return. “The Deputy Minister of Road Transport and the ruler of the ruling Ruler Osman spoke to reporters during a visit. The refund will begin after the list of shelter camps in Cox’s market is final.

Abhalam Azad, government commissioner of Rohingya refugees said that the members of the Bangladeshese restoration group members decided to send a list of 100,000 refugees in Myanmar on Thursday. According to independence, almost one million Rohingya lives in Bangladesh, many of whom are living for decades. Myanmar has agreed to withdraw refugees coming from October 2016, about 700,000 in the report.

Source By:India Times


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