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5G Will Probably be Introduced Early 2018


5G Will Probably be Introduced Early 2018

Now that 4G companies are growing their network by leaps and bounds on the market, Qualcomm and ZTE have worked together on the new 5G project. The goal is to bring the 5G technology phones to the market in early 2018, which seems to be reasonably realistic, because both companies are ready to change the way we look and use the technology. If all goes well, we see the first 5G mobile from ZTE with Snapdragon processor underneath.

Let’s talk about the speed of 5G. It delivers the ultimate speed in the neighborhood of about 4 Gbps, which is incredibly fast, meaning you can download a 100GB UHD 4K movie under 5 minutes. It is really fast and fun. We can also see 5G in a self-driving car that requires faster and better connectivity for its more accurate performance.

According to a report in 2018, approximately 2.3 billion devices in the world will be delivered, including mobile, laptop, PC, etc. The number of 2.3 billion is 2.1% higher than last year. In 2017, the total number of devices delivered was 2.28 billion.

According to the report, 5G smartphones cover about 9% smartphone markets in 2021.


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